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Our mission is to transform our community by inspiring breakthroughs of hope, well-being, and self-sufficiency in each child, adult and family we serve.


Inspiring Breakthroughs. Transforming Communities.


Self Awareness


A dad needs to be aware of himself as a man and aware of how important he is to his family. He know his moods, feelings and emotions; He is responsible for his behavior and knows that his growth depends on how well he knows and accepts himself. He also knows that his ability to be with his children is affected by the choices he has made and accepts responsibility for his choices.

Caring For Self


A Dad takes care of himself he gets annual physicals, eats the right foods, works out to stay in shape, and learns about the world he lives in. He has a strong connection to his family and community, and chooses his friends who support his healthy choices. Dads will learn how to model good behavior that’s respectful to himself, women and others.

Fathering Skills


Dads should know their role in the family. Dads will learn he is a model for his sons on how to be good man and father and for his daughters on what they should look for in a husband and father for their children to come. He will learn that if possible he should be involved in the daily life of his children; parent-teacher conference, sports, doing homework together and tucking them in at night.

Parenting Skills


Dads will learn how to nurture his children. Dads will learn that his parenting skills are essential to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and creative needs. These needs are crucial to creating trusting and safe relationships with his children. Dads will learn use education and appropriate discipline to guide his children, not threats, harm or corporal punishment.

Team & Testimonials

"The communication between parents and staff is excellent, and Mr. Parker and his staff are always willing to listen and to work with the children if concerns are expressed by a parent." 


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