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Change Has To Come.

Knowingly, America has been a ticking time bomb waiting to be set off. The people in the African American community (Men and Women, Boys and girls) are suffering. We experience life differently because of the color of our skin. We appreciate your thoughts and friendship. We ask you to find a platform you can assist and help bring justice to an unjust system. We do not support unlawful persons rioting to undermine the honest efforts of our fight to defeat a racist culture. Work to understand our pain, recognize our feelings and agree “A Change Has To Come.” Challenge the thoughts of others and fight the ominous intention of that American, you know the one. Many inquire, What is it like to be Black in America? This is our answer. We are afraid to walk in our communities alone. Every day we look in our rear view mirror and wonder if that cop behind us is working to pull us over. With convicting postures and provoked assumptions, we are asked in every luxury store we visit, May I help you? We are falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, murdered in the streets like we are the enemy, beaten for no cause, and unrecognized as human. We swipe away your micro-aggressive behavior towards us in the workplace, community spaces, schools and in our daily routines. Knowingly, we decide to admonish your behavior and acknowledge your fault. We are not “Angry Black People.” We are driven to change the landscape in our schools, organizations, communities, workplaces and finally our government. Once you Knowingly acknowledge “Change Has To Come.” We will end the injustice for All Black Lives To Matter!

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